Statement of Qualifications

Statement of Qualifications





Developing engineering competence and accumulating project experience is a long term process.††† Davidson has nearly 50 years of combined construction and engineering design experience.


Davidson has hands-on experience in the construction industry that began in the early 1960ís.    Davidson worked in a family-owned construction business and later worked his way through college with jobs in the building trades and heavy construction industries.   Davidson worked as a laborer, heavy equipment machinery operator, and as a construction engineer.    This gives Davidson first-hand knowledge of what can (and cannot) be done with both man-power and machinery.   This construction experience spans a total of about 17 years.


After receiving his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Davis, Davidson worked for a structural engineering firm primarily specializing in the design of  commercial, institutional and industrial building structures.
Davidson designed a variety of occupied building structures composed of wood, masonry, concrete, and steel.    He also worked on a significant number of non-building structures, including guyed and self-supporting towers.††† Davidson designed wood structures to three stories in height, masonry structures to five stories in height,  concrete structures to eight stories in height, and steel structures to 1,000 feet in height.


During his employment with Cole, Yee, Schubert & Associates, Davidson began a career in the design and review of communication structures.    Davidson was offered and availed himself of the opportunity to gain experience in the design of guyed, self-supporting, and other structures common to the telecommunications industry.††† Over a four year period, Davidson designed 25 guyed tower projects ranging in heights to 1000 feet tall, and also designed 4 self-supporting towers with heights up to 315 feet tall.    Davidson also worked on the design of special communication structure mounts for existing building roof tops installations supporting satellite dishes measuring up to 20 feet (6.1m) in diameter.


Since 1984, Davidson has specialized in the design and review of telecommunication structures.    Davidson is the Engineer of Record of approximately 3000 communication structures and about 2000 projects (see partial client list).    These structures cover the full spectrum of wireless communication applications and complexities.    DAVIDSON ENGINEERING's project clients include TV, AM, and FM broadcasters; cellular, PCS and wireless carriers, paging companies;  microwave communication companies; government agencies; wireless internet providers, public utility companies, military applications, scientific and research organizations, private utilities; wind power generation, and other specialized industries that require non-communication tower and monopole structures.



After completing post-graduate coursework in T&D Engineering at Gonzaga University, Davidson has added electrical transmission† and distribution engineering services to its scope of services.†† Course instructors at GU are industry leading professionals with a vast array of project experience.††† Coursework included transmission line siting, routing, permitting; design criteria, P&P documents, specifications, project construction and† management, high-voltage transmission line design and structure optimization, transmission line up-rating, and foundation design and analysis.



It is Davidson's unique blend of experience in heavy construction, building construction, building structural design, and analysis,  and telecommunication structure design and analysis that allows him to draw on this comprehensive experience in dealing with all phases of the project. These phases have included: initial project feasibility studies and cost estimates;  bid document preparation; structural review for equipment additions;  structural design and construction contract document preparation; bid proposal review; value engineering; construction inspection; post-construction inspection; and structural calculations to verify conformance with EIA, UBC, BOCA, SBC, ASCE, AISC, AWS, CRSI, UMC, NDS, ACI, AITC, and other building codes and standards