Davidson Engineering LCC provides timely service at a reasonable cost.

About DE

Unlike many of its competitors, Davidson Engineering (DE) has been in continuous service since its inception more than 26 years ago. Davidson Engineering began operations in California in 1984 primarily serving the broadcast industry (TV, AM, FM). In 1986, DE designed its first cellular communications tower when the cellular communications industry was in its infancy. Since then, DEs scope of service has expanded to include all forms of wireless telecommunications together with projects serving the energy and scientific sectors as well as forensic engineering investigations involving structural failures and personnel injuries.

Davidson Engineering LCC uses industry standard and state-of-the-art software for the structural analysis of guyed and self-supporting towers and monopoles.   This linear-elastic, non-linear, and dynamic analysis software permits a relatively fast analysis of a vast array of structures common to the broadcast, telecommunications, and energy sectors.

Special purpose software also permits uncommon analyses of self-supporting tower and monopole structures that may be sensitive to wind-induced vibration.

Other special purpose software is utilized for the analysis of guyed towers that may be linked by an array of cables.

So-called  'hand-calculations' are performed as needed to derive and/or verify output of certain aspects of the project design.

Davidson Engineering LCC is constantly upgrading its software library to keep pace with new innovations in guyed and self-supporting tower and monopole analysis.